I admire this piece because it is very though-provoking and controversial. It is not something that is commonly seen in art and it provokes a lot of emotion. This piece is very conceptual and when I view this piece I immediately think of a life and death type theme. The black and white also adds onto the theme of death, The subjects are both very similar in appearance, possibly meaning that they are supposed to portray the life and death of one individual and the idea that we all experience life and death. The positioning of the subjects in the piece creates an asymmetrical balance, which also contributes to the idea of life being very unbalanced and that we never know when death will come or near. I also think that is is significant that the subjects are both laying down and embracing hands, because not only do we lay down when death is near, but life and death are both hand and hand (metaphorically speaking). I think this piece is genius and I think it is great because it provokes a lot of emotion and controversy, but the concept of this piece is very clear and well presented.

Image derived from: Mann, Sally. Untitled (Family Pictures Series). 1984-1991. Photograph. Sally MannWeb. 9 Dec 2013. <http://sallymann.com/selected-works/family-pictures>.

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