I admire this piece a lot for it's simplicity. Although the piece is very simple and lacks a lot of detail, it is an interesting concept. I like this piece mainly because it is a pop art piece, and it deals with the idea of commonplace objects (the ice cream). The piece is influential because it creates an emphasis on the ice cream and the role that it really plays in our daily lives, we just do not realize it because the item itself is so commonly seen. I also think this piece is significant because it is an example of how objects reflect light. The colors are also very pastel-like, creating more of an uplifting experience for the viewer. The lack of detail in this piece in the background (surrounding the ice cream cones) plays a vital role because it helps create emphasis on the cones. The colors are what really draw me into this piece, because they are all colors that potentially symbolize happiness - which correlates to society and the ice cream. When we are sad or are looking to have a good time, people go out and eat ice cream in order to be happy or have fun with others. Knowing this, the hue choices in correspondence with the subject matter makes sense, and I think that this piece is very successful and I admire it a lot. 

Image derived from: Thiebaud, Wayne. Four Ice Cream Cones. 1964. Painting. New YorkerWeb. 9 Dec 2013. <http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/culture/2012/11/cover-story-wayne-thiebaud.html>.

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