In a sense, this piece reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and the whimsical environment that the movie presents. When I view the large iris as the head, I think of the concept of the third eye and a higher consciousness watching everything that we do. When I look at this piece, my take on it is that the things that we see shape our sentiment towards certain ideals and situations. I think that the star on the forehead of the rabbit is interesting, and when I think of a star I think of reaching to the sky and the idea of the sky NOT being the limit so we can accomplish our true dreams. I get a bit lost when looking at the iris with the idea of the hair making it a bit feminine, and I am not sure how this adds significance to the piece. I also am unsure as to how the tattoo-like qualities of the body of the iris adds meaning to this piece, and if it does at all. The biggest connection I make to the star-like tattoos on the body of the iris-like head are that when we follow and reach to accomplish the goal of pursuing our dreams, our dreams begin to embody us and define who we are as human beings and what we want in life, which could actually be significant in this work. I really admire the surrealist-like qualities of the piece and how it appears to be realistic in a distorted way. The coffee (if that is what it is) also appears to play a significant role in this piece. If you think about modern-day society, many have become dependent on caffeine in order to work harder and harder to accomplish and pursue our dreams and goals. 

Image derived from: Brown, Mark. Iris in the Corner. 2010. Painting. FlickrWeb. 25 Nov 2013. <>.

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