I really admire this piece for the abstraction that it presents. This piece is very similar to my last post, but it is unique in its own way. The colors that are used in this piece are warm-dominant, yet there area few subtle hints of cool colors that appear (green, blue). Although the piece itself is very abstract, the lines are very controlled and delicate. I like this piece a lot, because the piece reminds me of food coloring or water color being mixed in with water. I also love this work because it conveys a lot of emotion, similar to the last post. The color and the technique help to convey the emotion, rather than the subject matter. The most interesting aspect of this piece is the title and what it is potentially conveying with the abstract subject matter. When looking up Osage to see what it means, Osage is a native american tribe,which leads me to believe that the artist is conveying emotions about this native american tribe or the idea that it is a part of them, or that something to do with Osage caused conflict in the life of the artist, or it impacted them in some way. Overall, I really like this piece and I appreciate it for the emotion and technique that it presents.

Image derived from: Jenkins, Paul. Osage. 1956. Painting. Paul Jenkins, The New Orleans Museum of Art. Web. 29 Nov 2013. <http://www.pauljenkins.net/works/pain.html>.

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