I really admire and appreciate this piece for the concept of impressionism and the emotion that derives from it combined with the concept of the city and the technicality that the city presents. There a juxtapositioning that is occurring in this piece in regards to the two concepts, and I think that is what makes this piece very successful, yet interesting. The city and the idea of drawing a city is very technical in regards to the buildings. The windows in accordance with the actual buildings need to be proportionate, and the viewpoint must make sense in accordance with how the buildings are positioned. The idea of impressionism on the other hand, is very free-forming and emotional. In this piece, Utrilo really uses the technique of the paint brush to create the emotion, and even a texture through the lack of blending the colors. I admire this piece, because I interpret in a way of allowing your surroundings to influence you. In other words, the paint brush strokes and the colors combined with the technique are the emotions that the artist derives from his city or the surroundings, and this concept goes for anyone in general. We feed off of our surroundings and we are influenced and inspired by those who surround us. That is how we are wired, and that is how we are driven and how we move forward in order to succeed. We feed off of the work of others for inspiration - we feed off of the things we see and the people that influence us either directly or indirectly. 

Image derived from: Utrillo, Maurice. Rue des Abbesses. 1910. Painting. Rosings, New. Web. 9 Dec 2013. <http://www.rosings.com/abbesses.html>.

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