I like this piece a lot and I think that although this piece is dated, it is very inspirational even to women today. I think the concept of this piece is very interesting, and I like the composition and the harsh contrast. I feel that the contrast that this piece presents adds to the darker mood that is being conveyed. The piece is very bold, and the use of the bold, red text also adds on to this feeling of hostility almost. This piece reminds me of an internal vs. external conflict of the inner self. The left side is what we really see on the outside (or what the subject sees of herself), but the right side represents the internal workings or internal being that this woman/subject sees within herself. This piece is very confrontational, and the text is the first thing that I see what I look at it. The concept and message being portrayed is simple, yet it is very powerful. When we think of the internal battle we have with ourselves about our appearance and how we are as human beings, it brings out the worst emotions in us at times, and the red hue chosen with the text really brings this idea up and shines a light on it. I also think that the black and white photographs help effectively convey the theme

Image derived from: Kruger, Barbara. Untitled (your body is a battleground). 1989. photographic silkscreen on vinyl . n.p. Web. 29 Nov 2013. <http://faculty.txwes.edu/csmeller/human-prospect/ProData09/03WW2CulMatrix/WW2PICs/Kruger1945/Kru1989Body400.htm>.

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